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Yakitate !! Japan

Yakitate Japan

Yakitate Japan is The famous bread champion shook the world or Yakitate !! Japan is a Japanese cartoon drawn by Takashi Hachiguchi published in Shonen Sunday magazine. By Shogakukan Publishing House It was later made into an anime by Sunrise Company. Japanese names Yakitate !! Japancategory ShonenGenre Comedy, cooking competition.

Review recommend heroic style comic 2020

The God of High School: Heroic style comic.   This heroic style comic is about a 17-year-old story of a young talent man. He is fighter while on his way to an argument with others. He was invited to the fight with the god of


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The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years : Korean comic. This korean comic is the story about the strongest nine-star great mage in the world, but has to be incarcerated by the Bangkokians, does not believe in God, the past 4 thousand years, the third heir to


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I am the sorcerer king  (korean comics) This korean comics is about 10 years ago. The causing a large number of effects to come out of the rift and attack human beings. At the same time we humans have awakened magic power, causing the garden. With

Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori is a Japanese manga. Story and picture by Fujio Fujiko (a.) In 1982, inspired by the Hattori clan, a family of Japanese ninjas who served the Tokugawa Shogun.  It was later made into a television series, anime, and film (starring Chingo Katori) for Thailand. It