10 of the best Japanese cartoon that you have to read (1)

1.Hunter x Hunter is one of best Japanese cartoon

The story of a 12-year-old boy, Gorn Freaks, who set out on an adventure to find his father. The professional Hunter, Jin Freks. Jin sets out to find his dream, leaving his son behind. So Gorn tried to follow in his father’s footsteps. Be a hunter Along the way, he met many friends and opponents. By writing and illustrating by Yoshi Hirotogashi. 

2. Berserk

A dark fantasy manga drawn by Kentaro Miura,  set in the Middle Ages of Europe. The protagonist is Guts, the lonely mercenary. There was a large sword, the right eye was blind, and the left arm was made of iron. And had a stamp on the neck He set out to find the 5 God Hands , Lord of all Demon Disciples. 
During that time, they encountered various events. Who have to fight to survive Especially the demon followers. Who stare at him all the time Due to the seal on the neck, it meant that he was the victim of the devil’s sacrifice .

3.Slam Dunk is one of Japanese cartoon

Basketball cartoons that have raised the tide of basketball to be very popular in Japanese high schools. After the manga published and written by Takehiko Inoue. The story begins with a high school student Sakuragi Hanamichi. Who has rejected more than 50 times and falls in love with a new girl. Aka Gi Haruko, who has a particular fondness for basketball. And an older brother who is the captain of the team called Akagi Takenori in order to win his heart According to her persuasion. He joined the basketball club. It is a story of relationships, friendship and competition both on and off the basketball court.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist  is Japanese cartoon written by Hiroshi Arakawa Mugabe is the story of brothers Rick Elliot , Edward and Alphonse  , who lost their mother to a sudden epidemic. Both decided to use alchemy to “Resurrecting human beings”, which is a forbidden subject of alchemy. 
To return life to mom as the result resurrection. They must have something to exchange. Ed pays by leg As for Al pays with the whole body When returning from the door of the truth. He discovers that his brother’s body has completely disappeared. So pay by arm To bring back his brother’s soul And sealed them in armor with a blood seal. Then he was persuaded “Official Alchemist” he agreed and nicknamed Iron Alchemist. althoguh it began to search for the Philosopher’s Stone A stone above the rules of exchange.

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