10 of the best Japanese cartoon that you have to read (3)

8.Dragon Ball is the one best Japanese cartoon

The legendary Dragon Ball manga that is famous all over the world, anyone must know, has been created as an anime, video game, and has been adapted into a movie of Akira Toriyama  as Sun’s adventures. Goku who wants to collect all 7 Dragon Balls to make a wish from the dragon god. During the journey, Goku has to meet with friends and many obstacles for him to develop. Besides the content it is fun and interesting. The characters of the story are equally interesting. Because each character has dimensions And stories to follow

9. Naruto

A manga that reflects the fighting and lifestyle of ninjas, which is a unique battle of the people of Japan. Masashi Kishimoto  ‘s work makes it one of Japan’s most famous manga. And is popular all over the world The story follows the main character  Uzumaki from birth to training in various ninja classes. Has a touch of ancient Japan combined with modern technology. Insert philosophy and teachings into In addition, there is a story that connects the past of each character so unexpectedly

10.One Piece

One Piece, a masterpiece  by Eishiro Oda,  is a manga with a landslide hit. Most published in the world It is the story of the pirate Monkey D. Luffy , who declared himself Is the king of pirates. And announce to accept the crew By naming the group The Straw Hat Pirates  in search of “One Piece”, a valuable treasure, who has acquired it will become the Pirate Master. This is a full-length manga that gets all the emotions. Whether it’s hilarious or a drama with different characters To have many touches Make the story not boring During the journey of Luffy and her friends aboard the Going Mary and the new Thousand Sunny.

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