Crayon Shin-Chan The Movie Battle of the Robot

Synopsis of Shin-chan the movie, the battle of the great father of the robot

          The animated film Crayon Shin-Chan: Serious Battle! Robot Dad Strikes Back features the story of Kazukabe City. Saitama prefecture What happens when Shinnosuke Nohara’s Shinnosuke Nohara or Shin-chan’s family lives. when Hiroshi (Shinchan’s father) is playing a robot together with Shin-chan? After breaking Unable to help Misae (Shin Chan’s mother) with housework, Hiroshi feels like a worthless father until Hiroshi finally meets a mysterious beauty institute. The place that will bring him back to his health and perfection again, but when Hiroshi awakens again He found himself turned into a robot.

          Hiroshi arrived home to the shock of the whole family. 

Shin-chan is thrilled and ecstatic that his father has become a helpless robot who takes care of the whole family. but Misae still does not accept Hiroshi and tries to find the clue of the mysterious beauty institute. Also things get messed up when Hiroshi receives a gift from a mysterious woman – a fake mustache. 

Crayon Shin-Chan put it on and transforming the robot, the gentle father turned into a fierce and temperamental robot. 

Plus being at the center of the founding “Federation of Fathers” to combat the oppression of the housewives. Until it caused distress throughout Kazukabe city And in the midst of dire situations. Shinchan and his family must help each other find Hiroshi’s true body. And help save the city from the hands of the villain.

          Will the tumultuous family be able to go through this crisis or not? Will Shinchan Find My Father’s True Body? So who would the Nohara family choose between Hiroshi and the Hiroshi Robot? You can track in the movie.

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