Death Note : Light Up The New World

The story in Death Note : Light Up The New World takes place in modern times. When the world is faced with the threat of severe cybercrime From the outbreak of a computer virus called “Kira”, which contains a message about the return of the “death book” to cause cyber chaos. At the same time, mysterious murder incidents continue to occur on Wall Street in the US, Shibuya in Japan. 

Ryuzaki,  a private investigator who inherited the same ideology as L. Is the person responsible for investigating the case and solving the mystery that happened. And found a connection with the ” Death Note ” 10 years ago, each time there were 6 books in total !! 

Confrontation of Ruler who wants to revive Kira back  with a  group of opposers who want to stop it!  Therefore began And this will be another important event that we get to know “Law of the Book of Death” concerning appearance on the human world Of course, it has to do with the “god of death” of each notebook!

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