Demon Slayer and Pokemon Journeys

Demon Slayer and Pokemon Journeys. Another must-see anime from Netflix that is currently the hottest hit right now with the Demon Slayer, which launched its first season last year. Based on the popular comic book that has sold over 40.3 million copies worldwide. When it comes to making an anime. I can tell you that it’s even more fun that you shouldn’t miss it. Both intense drama and emotional shock. and beautiful and spectacular productions. It’s no wonder why it’s so popular all over the city. Anyone who is a fan of this manga must really not miss it.

Demon Slayer and Pokemon Journeys.

Synopsis : Kamado Tanjirou is a young boy with a sense of smell Instead. His family was murdered and his sister was cursed. After being attacked by a demon. So he must find the demon who killed his family in order to clear up and get revenge and do whatever it takes to find a way to save his younger brother’s life.

Pokemon Journeys is an all-new anime that streams only on Netflix. We’ll be seeing the new adventures of Ash, or Satoshi, on another journey with partner Go, in a separate storyline from the many adventures in video games. Pokemon must not miss.

Synopsis : The Adventures of Satoshi and his new partner, Go, both have goals for their journey. is Satoshi’s pokemon master And Go also wants to collect all kinds of Pokemon. In this first season, we will see the birth of Pikachu as well.

Number of episodes: 1 season, 36 episodes