Detective Conan when will it end?

Detective Conan When will it end? 

“There is only one truth”
I am as a child but the brain is mature
His name is Super Detective Edogawa Conan “

Many people have probably heard this sentence.
From the famous cartoon for a long time
Until one day thought that “When will we see the ending?” How did
this story come from?
In the end, what could the evidence indicate?
It will come and solve the mystery. Detective Conan This is an investigative Japanese manga written by manga artist Gosho Aoyama. The first published in 1994.

He actually didn’t write Conan for the first time. He has written other cartoons before, such as Yaiba, but is not as famous as Conan.Conan’s story starts with 17-year-old Kudo Shinichi, a great detective even in high school. One day, he became entangled with a man in black. He was attacked and filled with poison to shut his mouth, but it turned out that the drug made him shrink. Becoming a 7-year-old elementary schoolTo find a clue and an antidote to return to the original body So he goes to the detective agency Morikogoro, The father of his close friend Moriran.

Currently, Detective Conan has been in existence for 24 years, it has been released in 94 books. With more than 1,000 episodes, and anime has been shown on TV with more than 900 episodes, including a total of 23 special films in theaters. When will Conan end?Recently, there has been an exciting story for fans. Because in the episode 1,008 was revealed the name of the head of the black-clothed organization. Makes an expectation that The story is approaching climax. But if you look at various factors, this may not be over easily. Because it still makes good money.

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