Disney cartoons hits of all time (1)

Disney cartoons hits of all time. Obviously, Disney cartoons are outstanding in terms of storyline. The unique cuteness of the characters And the music into the story. In addition, the cartoon of Walt Disney  is not just a cartoon for children only. Anyone who grows up and still watches cartoons like ShopBack , probably knows that the story in the cartoon is not just about clear love. Or make a dream in any way. But there are insertions of various perspectives and thoughts Including social satire issues such as Zootopia , Inside Out, etc. Cartoons and disney movies Therefore dominating the hearts of audiences around the world for a long time Looks good from childhood to late age too.

Disney cartoons hits of all time : Tarzan

animated film released in 1999 about an orphan raised by a gorilla family. He had grown into a young man with wild animal instincts. With a strong body like an Olympic gold medalist But when he met other humans It gave him a sense of some kind of bond. And that will change his life forever.

Disney cartoons hits of all time

For the original 2D version of Tarzan cartoon , I must say that It is one of the impressions of many people anyway. With beautiful pictures Fun and exciting storyline including background music That can be done smoothly with the story And so sweet that I can win Oscars, Grammy and Golden ( Globe You’ll Be In My Heart song )

Later in 2014, the cartoon Tarzan returned to the silver screen once again. Which this time a new overhaul comes in a 3D version with a new story added to By expanding the story of Tarzan’s background He was actually the heir of a famous energy company CEO. Who traveled in search of a new source of energy likely to be in the forest And lost in the bosom of the mother gorilla by some event While Tarzan’s biological parents are still in the forest !

However, it doesn’t seem like the flow of Tarzan in this 3D version is good. In terms of graphics that many people hope they should do better. And a story that is flat The characters do not have dimensions. The villain is the worst. It’s bad for no reason. Until it became a real children’s cartoon Adults like us You might be disappointed. But all of these are just some of the trends we think the most, and ShopBack recommends that you go get it yourself. And after any comments, then come together to share.