Disney cartoons hits of all time


Disney cartoons hits of all time

Disney cartoons hits of all time. The princess who deserves to be the presenter of all hair care products. Because with long, sleek and strong hair. At a level that can be used instead of a sling.  It is really unusual to look at it. The story of Rapunzel was made into a movie phoneme length 3D Year 2010 title, Tangled , followed by a short film, a sequel to Tangled Ever After to reinvent the animated 3 -D coming into line two -dimensional work. it was not a spectacular 3 the D but I also have stripes with unique charm. As for the subject matter, it is according to the title. All of them are events after the Tangled film, but preceded by the Tangled Ever After animated short .

Mickey Mouse

This classic cartoon character is a childhood friend of many people. Big round black ear youngster people around the world for almost a century have now “Mickey Mouse” made their first public appearance.

 In the form of the short, black and white animated film ” Steamboat Willie ” or “Steamboat Willie”, although it was just a short cartoon that was shown before the movie. Steamboat Willie made Mickey Mouse a hit. Popularity has been overwhelming since then. It has arrived in 2013 that although the original hand-drawn animation is extremely rare. 

Instead, Disney executives opted not to give up the classic, and “ Croissant de Triomphe, ” a new 2D short cartoon featuring the protagonist. Mickey Mouse, was born French adventures. That Mickey must find a way to deliver the croissants to Minnie in time before disaster strikes her.

With a classic yet full-fledged action, the story doesn’t need any remarks. I can enjoy the story in the same way as Steamboat Willie, while the characters of the cartoon characters are slightly changed. But very beautiful and perfect It is a tradition that combines with modernity really well.