Fruit basket

fruit basket

Fruit basket Is an anime that is famous and will remain in the hearts of many people. But last year, the manga was reworked about the charm of the rice ball girl. Both the pictures and lines look more modern, but the story is still impressive as before. The story of Toru Honda, a girl who is orphaned by her mother. She decided to pitch a tent in the distant forest to reduce her grandfather’s burden. But in the meantime, a landslide caused her tent to disappear into the mud. In bad luck, there is also good luck. Honda gets help from the Soma family. to come and live with them. Which also has one member, Soma Yuki, who is her schoolmate and also a hot guy. But I can’t stay Honda learns the secret of the Soma family. That they will transform into beasts of the year of the King when they hit the opposite sex!

Movie length:  23 minutes per episode, currently 25 episodes.

Highlight of fruit basket

 This story, the men are good in everything. There are people with beautiful faces But what’s more, is the storytelling and the clues of each person. Which tells that secretly there are tears both the story of the pain of each character Including the mental healing that our heroine gave to everyone too. This matter is very disturbing. There are rarely scenes that are heart-heavy. Who likes lines that are comfortable on the eyes? Cute story. I recommend this Netflix cartoon .