Kyoukai Senki.

Kyoukai Senki. A new robot-themed original anime created by a collaboration between Bandai Spirits and new company Sunrise Beyond.

Bandai Spirits official YouTube channel has released a preview of the first 11-minute episode. A new visual has also been revealed. The premiere is scheduled for October 4, 2021.

Kyoukai Senki tells the story of a world in 2061. Where Japan is ruled and divided by the world’s four major economic regions. Allowing the Japanese to live. Their lives under oppression as human beings of their subordinate nations. In addition, Japan has become the front line of the world with “AMAIM”. A special weapon of human form from each region to watch over.

One day Shiiba Amou a young machine enthusiast. Meets “Gai” a free-thinking artificial brain AI, Or I-LeS, And from this incident, Amou is dedicated to fighting for Japan’s return by Drive “Kenbu”. An AMAIM puppet he himself built with his hands.

The main character of Kyoukai Senki.

Shiiba Amou
A 16-year-old boy who is not socially well. My hobby is collecting parts. Even though he lives in despair But the world changes when he meets “Gai” AI, freedom.

Tezuka Gasin,
A 16-year-old boy affiliated with the Resistance, is calm and cool. He is chasing after the mysterious robot “Ghost” to avenge his father.

Shishibe Shion,
A 16-year-old girl with a mature personality. Her special talent is the use of “Naginata.” Her dream is to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather who is a potter. such as the revival of the art of pottery “Himeyayaki” after it collapsed from invasion.

Is a self-assured I-LeS. A gentleman like never seen before. He is a good partner with Amou both in combat and in everyday life.

Is an I-LeS developed in the same way as Gai. He inherits the tactical AI from Tezuka’s father, an AI with a cool personality and a feminine voice.

Is an Italian self-proclaimed I-LeS. and have others call themselves “Angelo” even though they like to talk nonsense But he was an extremely loyal partner in Shion.

YM-02 Kenbu
MAILeS (AMAIM equipped with I-LeS system) close combat style, the driver is Amou and the AI ​​is Gai.

YM-01 Jogan
MAILeS specializes in long-range aiming and combat. The driver is Tezuka and the AI ​​is Kei.