Naruto, the boy born with hatred Finally, become the strongest leader !!

Uzumaki Naruto character comic core of the story Naruto  Naruto works of  Ma’s Shia Kishi Miyamoto. the first published since 2542 and became popular worldwide. Considered that anyone who is a manga fan must have read or watched at all. Which apart from the story is fun And unique The characters in the story. Also have a very interesting history and make Naruto a character famous.

Naruto , a ninja from Konoha Village

He was born on October 10, his father , Namikaze Minato, is the 4th generation Hokage of Konoha Village. The mother is The static figure of the nine-tailed person 2 Utsumaki Kushinakunoi of the Utsushio region.  Naruto was born with hatred from the villagers. Due to the day he was born, many villages were damaged and killed by Obito Uchiha (then disguised as Uchiha Madara). Awaken the nine tails or the fox demon That resides in Naruto’s mother figure When you’re the weakest After childbirth.  Therefore unable to control power The nine tails therefore destroyed the village and its people. Including going to attack Naruto as well Until finally the parents. 

For this reason, the parents were lost from birth. Naruto has a very lonely life. 

He does something rather unreasonable, headstrong to get attention So there are many brutal deeds. He dreams of becoming the Hokage, with Umi no Iruka as the first teacher. Who values ​​and cares for Naruto as his own brother, with  Sasuke and Sakura as his gang. Accept various missions And go through various levels of ninja examinations together.

He began to prove himself to be accepted by the people. Become a hero who defended Konoha village from the sun and then defended the ninja world. Until he became the hero who ended the 4th Ninja War.

After the war, Naruto began a relationship with Hyuga Hinata ,dating and married. 

After the Naruto The Last Movie anime, Hinata changed to his husband’s surname, Utsumaki Hinata) has two children, a son, Utsumaki Boruto, who became a sequel in the title. Boruto – Naruto Next generations and  Uzumaki Himawari (daughter), then soon become Hokage version 7 and was named as the Hokage, the strongest in history. Causing rarely have time to come home to take care of the children But Hinata still understood. 

The couple never had any arguments. He used to tell Boruto. That father is a Hokage who must take care of everyone in the village. So a father cannot be a father for one child. Boruto has a similar personality. Naruto childhood Demands attention from people around you Lack of love and warmth from the father. And was really keen on it.

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