Ninja Hattori

Ninja Hattori is a Japanese manga. Story and picture by Fujio Fujiko (a.) In 1982, inspired by the Hattori clan, a family of Japanese ninjas who served the Tokugawa Shogun. 

It was later made into a television series, anime, and film (starring Chingo Katori) for Thailand. It was previously distributed in VCD and DVD format by Rose Entertainment Corporation (on behalf of Rose Animation) under the title “Ninja Hattori” and broadcast on Thai TV Channel 3 .

Ninja Hattori Story

Mitsuba Kenichi, an 11-year-old high school student, has a stubborn character, sluggishness, and unsatisfactory academic performance, causing many headaches for parents and homeroom teachers. During that time, Iga-school ninjas called Hatori Kanso asked to stay at the Mitsuba family’s home to practice ninja classes in the big city. 
Ninja Hatori will always help and solve the problems that Kenichi creates. Soon after, Hatori Shinso, the brother of Hatori Shinso and Shishimaru, the ninja dog from Iga School Has joined the Mitsuba house to help Hatori. Kanzo in taking care of Kenichi, who often caused chaos as a friend. Especially helping Kenichi in their relationship with Yumeko. The fellow student Kenichi fell in love with.

According to the story, there will be Kemumaki. And Kagechiyo Ninjas and Ninja Cats from the Koga School are always persecuting and causing trouble with Kenichi. When Kenichi sues Hatori Hatori will find a way to get revenge according to Kenichi’s wishes in almost every episode. And Kenichi is sometimes incited by Kemumaki to fight with Hatori. At the end of the story Hatori left the Mitsuba house to continue training.

Ninja Hatori Character

  • Hatori Kanza   Iga Ninja is a 11-year-old, who came to the capital and stay at the family home Amit Basu hopes Chiba trained Ninja. Therefore helping with various tasks in the house to repay you. He is the one who helps Mitsuba Kenichi, a high school boy, the only son of the Mitsuba House who doesn’t take the bay He always solved problems or helped. Hatori Kanzo has a younger brother named Hatori Shinzo.
  • Hatori Shinzo  Iga ninja is 7 years old and the younger brother of Hatori Kanza with the young. Therefore, only a bamboo sword and a bamboo throwing star could be used. However, he had a violent cry Which happens every time when we cry
  • Chichibu Maru   Dog Ninja Hatori’s Kanza look chubby. Yellow fluffy curls Has special abilities such as disguise and can predict the weather. But there are drawbacks: greedy and clumsy. There is a favorite food, Chikuwa.
  • Tsu Ba Jin  is a female ninja, or Kunoichi in conjunction with the Bureau Hatori Kanza feature is wearing a pink ninja. Identify herself and declare that she will be Hatori’s future bride. Kanso is broken too. She has five instruments: the recoder, clarinet, flute, piccolo and bassoon.

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