Noragami the wandering angel

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Noragami the wandering angel  is Another must-see net-fiction manga. The story of Yato, the underdog deity that even his own court doesn’t have. He had to travel to work for hire to collect money. Dreaming that one day you will have to build your own shrine with a girl named Hiyori, a young girl who loves wrestling She accidentally sees Yato crossing the road to save the cat and almost gets hit by a car. Hiyori decides to jump in to help Yato. But he was hit by a car until he passed out. After she woke up, she began to hear. see something strange. Including her spirit like to leave the body often. When she realized that Yato was not a human but a god. So she asks Yato to help her recover from the soul out of her body. by exchanging money as compensation for wishes.

Movie Length:  24 minutes per episode, 2 seasons, 12 and 13 episodes each.

Highlight of Noragami

 This story is very fun than expected. Who likes cartoons with fight scenes? There is the pleasure of the couple. And the hilariousness of the characters. I recommend this a ufabet cartoon . The hero’s skill is so brutal that God still has to call him. In addition, there are many clues of the protagonist. until I want to know who the protagonist is before As for the heroine, it’s good, even if it’s a human being. This will gradually Unravel the clues of the protagonist, who he is and why he has to live like this. If anyone wants to know, let’s go and see.