Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Pokémon Detective Pikachu is set to hit theaters. The action adventure movie based on fan favorite Pokémon brand. It direct by Rob Letterman. ) Comedy movie and also has a young man Ryan Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds) as one of the actors and voices the voice of Detective Pikachu as well.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu with the story of a detective Harry Goodman mysterious disappearance of his 21-year-old son. Timmy must find a reason for what happened. Help this investigation is Detective spin tuning former partner of Detective Harry, who are funny and lovely in itself. And also secretly confused himself And Tim is the only human being able to speak to Detective Pikachu.

Together they have to work together to solve a very confusing puzzle. Find clues together on the streets of Rime City, the bustling and modern metropolis. Humans and Pokémon live together. Where they encounter a shocking story that destroys the peace of coexistence It is also a threat to the entire world of Pokémon.

Although anyone who is a Pokémon fan, just seeing the movie trailer, wants to hit the ticket. With the cuteness of these Pokemon, the furry eyes are extremely melting, and when the first scene appears to us. It creates a lot of excitement. It is an accident of Harry Goodman, who are subject to investigation Pokémon Detective Pikachu stories before going to meet the love of Pokémon first. Which is very cute But there is quite a bit of cruelty

I must admit that in general, the movie is quite slow. But there were many clues left for you to observe. Say, without these Pokémon, it would be very boring. 

This relied on the fact that Pokémon came out a lot and was super cute. 

Therefore making it possible to continue watching Especially our detective Pikachu may feel strange. With some voice overs But in the end, there is a reason to support it. Which gave a little surprise But certainly not beyond the expectations of the fans.

Even though it might feel strange with the voice of Ryan Reynolds in the first episode, personally I think that I keep listening. Will feel slippery to the ear itself If you don’t think much and ignore it, it will make your movie more enjoyable. As for the villain’s side, there were no unexpected twists. Because it seems to just look at the face, I already know that this person is definitely the villain. Sense and physiognomy, it tells Plus giving the impression that they are not very tactical As I said, it is really boring. Well, the cuteness of Pokemon comes to the rescue.

However, even the movie didn’t make the impression as expected. But with the variety, cute, and seeing live-action Pokémon. Which was created based on the Pokémon that had been seen in childhood, this was worth it. Although it may not be full But can be considered as a complement to the happiness once again.

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