Recommending korean comic (2)

The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years : Korean comic.

This korean comic is the story about the strongest nine-star great mage in the world, but has to be incarcerated by the Bangkokians, does not believe in God, the past 4 thousand years, the third heir to the famous family. He was the weakest man, no matter where he was, he did not need him. This weakness, he cut off the birth and dismissed him from the house. Until the road made him decide to commit suicide and asked for his name Sai.

MookHyang – Dark Lady : Korean comic.

The story of a human being who is sent to a different world in a good way. Importantly, he doesn’t even know that he has come to another world. The whole world is a fantasy disease with an e-mail solution, but he thinks it is in. The ordinary world, the world of Warayut, let him face various problems both language and life that he has to survive for some fun. It’s fun about the old boxer and the time spent.

A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special 

Write about what we will write. To the unreachable world called Shadow Labyrinth, in which it takes past events that happened again in the wrong dimension, and if left indefinitely, the closed dimension will devour the world will eventually collapse which closes the maze And then it is the mission of each dimension to accomplish.

The level of difficulty varies from our hero. Who is the weakest level magician? Who is in the subjugation squad to conquer the high-level labyrinth. But after 10 years of going through this mission, we have suppressed many deaths. Finally, the remaining survivors in the subjugation team were unable to clear the labyrinth.

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