Recommending korean comics (1)

I am the sorcerer king  (korean comics)

This korean comics is about 10 years ago. The causing a large number of effects to come out of the rift and attack human beings. At the same time we humans have awakened magic power, causing the garden. With us, Manser, the story will be written to a young master who has no magic power. He will have an accident that makes him remember his past life as a great mage, which we will be following with me for.

Solo Leveling.

  Which was written 10 years ago, suddenly had the intention that the world within the zone had a motor ready to destroy the world. The creating a super-powerful human being, a group of people called the Hunter. Classified as well, such as swordsman, carrying mages are divided.

The Tomb Raider King (korean comics)

  The King of Robbers, Graveyards, Graveyards of Gods, spawned across the corners of the world. That are ancient sites, objects with mystical power. what possesses will gain special powers while others become their tools. Therefore, you should study all kinds of money, scales, antiques and objects to be your own. This story is from the Solo Living drawing team.

Ranker who lives a second time 

It write to Madonna suffering from several years ago have died. Since the opening of our memory of his twin brother who went missing five years of his funeral already know.
In fact, he disappeared, he was in the world, was a dragon-waist disease, and Australia was Fantasy 1, and the reason he went to that world was to find a wonderful bastard to heal his mother. Betrayed by a friend to death because the hero learns the memories of his younger generation. The hero has become a player and travels to dungeon to take revenge on his own brother for.

Return my school life

The story is talking about Haru, an ordinary high school girl whose life has to be turned upside down, must come to life after death in the underworld, an unexpected accident.
Her afterlife came from her meeting with the gods and having chosen the conditions that she wanted to be reborn live. The life she wanted to be. She was no longer a previous life in exchange for studying in reverse school of the Underworld.
Its where she met her fateful companion who died in the accident. Her friends would not remember, but if this school was not just human beings. Also There are many ghosts as well. Although this story focuses on the heroine, but there is still a very good hero.

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