Review Netflix cartoons for 2021, don’t miss (1)

1. Demon slayer – Demon slayer sword.

              Review Netflix cartoons for 2021, don’t miss.  This anime Just released Season 1, there are 26 episodes, the main character named Kamado Tanjiro, has a sister named ufabet Nezuko, and one day the devil attacks. And killed all his family and sister Netsuko was cursed to become a demon Tanjiro became a demon hunter To find a way to make her sister become human again

                Score 10/10, give it the number one story right now. The story has action. And family style From the love of two brothers But still not finished, have to wait for season 2 more

2. Dragon Prince 

                The anime has 3 seasons, 9 episodes each with a main character named. Kellum (eldest and adopted son) and Ursan (little prince Son of True Blood) has Bet (glowing toad) as a companion for a fantasy cartoon adventure story of two realms. There was a long feud Between man and dragon With elves as a population. In which humans have killed the Dragon King And destroy every egg Hoping to make the dragon tribe disappear Until making elves a population Angry man One day when there was a young elf tribe assassin The smuggler saw the last egg. Stolen and hidden With the princes. The three of them then went on a journey to bring the last egg to return to the Dragon Kingdom. To once again establish peace between the two kingdoms .  

                10/10 rating. At first it might be a little boring. But when encountering a fantasy scene For example, a toad to change color, Cellum has magical power, making this series more fun.