Review Netflix cartoons for 2021, don’t miss (2)

3. Forest of piano

                Review Netflix cartoons for 2021, don’t miss. The anime has 2 seasons, 36 episodes in total. The main character Ichinosekai is a talented musical talent. Growing up with an old piano abandoned in the forest, there is a friend and rival Amamiya. When Amiya found out that Kai could play the piano and Ajino was the music teacher, he was introduced to the world of music. Kai’s story Has begun


                Score 10/10 ‘s like when Kai is the duo’s own lot. Music in the story Because of all songs from Mozart, ufabet, Beetoven, Chopin, I want to play piano like Kai


4. Tales of Arcadia


                The anime has 2 seasons, 13 episodes each. The main characters named Aja and Kel are twin brothers. And is a royal member of Arcadia One day there was a coup d’etat. Destroy the King and Achadi The two brothers then drove the craft fleeing Arkady to the world to live and transform into humans To disguise himself Is it possible for him to live in his human world? And in the end, will he get revenge?

                10/10 This story may be boring at first (again), but when you meet the second brother’s scene To the human world And transform into human form Live like a human being It makes this a lot more fun.