Review Netflix cartoons for 2021, don’t miss (3)

  5.Gambling school                                                       

           Review Netflix cartoons for 2021, don’t miss. The anime has 2 seasons, 12 episodes each. The main character Jabami ufabet Yumeko is about Hyakkao Private School There is a rule of thumb to divide student classes by betting, the winner can do anything, the loser. With these students gamblers Show talent and various strategies. Their bet how dangerous is it? 

                Score 9/10 This story is equally fun. Psychopaths are not suitable for the fearful, blood splash, but not panic. Personally, I like the face of the protagonist Yumeko.

6.Soma cook


                The anime has 3 seasons, totaling 58 episodes. The main character Soma is about a cooking school. With his father opening a restaurant So he wanted to step over his father. In the school there is a culinary duel with the students in the school.

                Rating 9/10, after watching this story, saw the friendship between friends. And the matter now fits in with the detention Because I know so many secrets in this matter and it’s so delicious to eat, I want to cook like that.

7. Howl’s Magic Castle

                The last story is a movie. The main character Sophie, a young girl, runs a hat shop. One day she was cursed. Make it an old woman So she has to go on a journey to neutralize the curse. On the way, she meets Howl’s Mobile Castle and meets the Fire Demon ufabet Calcifer, she makes a deal. If you break the contract that binds the Fire Demon with Howl He will help her solve the curse. This trip It is a journey that leads to fun, excitement and love stories.

                10/10 after watching this story. Loved it. Not disappointed with studio ghibli because I like fantasy genre. Very excited. Like when Sophie is cursed as an old lady And hope that she can withdraw the curse