Review recommend heroic style comic 2020

The God of High School: Heroic style comic.

  This heroic style comic is about a 17-year-old story of a young talent man. He is fighter while on his way to an argument with others. He was invited to the fight with the god of High School. It is a competition sponsore by a mysterious organization. And this event brings together fighters from all over Korea to represent the global competition, whoever will receive the prize that he wishes, whatever. The protagonist is bothering him as someone who likes to try a lot, and the next story is an anime from Korea as well as Japanese people. 

Tower of God : heroic style comic.

The adventure story of a boy who has been trapped in darkness since birth. with his only light, Rachel, that 1 Rachel wants to print the tower above. Going to experience the stars in the sky, which is his dream and when he resigns, the boy must be the Tower of the King of Rajin. Like this is an anime that the hero is good . I want to see, try to find it. Should be available soon.

Monster Musume no Oisha-san

The hero is a doctor, it is the story of a damn doctor. He has treatment clinic with Surface Water from him Lamia as his assistant. And he is in a city where demons and humans coexist. Each day, this 1st day welcomes young motorists to heal and is widely reputed by the doctor’s strange heroism as a cure for anomaly.

For Ken, as well as being asked to marry or the cooperation of Mermaid to heal with bare hands. also to help separate the golem as well. But in fact, he did so because he treated it very seriously. It should have been one episode of Badi’s harem anime. You can try to find it, but this one after this is still not likely to count.  

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