September 10, 1992 Bo-chan’s birthday, the most beloved secret character

If he really existed and grew up until today, Bo Jang would be 28 years old.Suzuki Bo or Bo-chan, one of the members of the Kazukabe Guards Squad, joins Nohara Shin-no-Tsuke, Sakuradanane, Kazama Tooru and Sato Masao from the manga. Crayon Shin Chan

If compared with others Fluently speaking Reveal the hearts and needs of children. Come out clearly Bo-chan is considered the least talkative character. Because when you sit and think carefully We hardly remember Bo-chan’s lines. Except for the image of the snot that is constantly flowing down from the expressionless oval face.

Although showing feelings not very good, but in the matter of ‘identity’ Bo-chan is unbeatable. He has excellent artistic abilities. Won several awards from drawing contests. His hobby is collecting rare stones and strange shapes. I like spending time after school to see how to make tatami. And is interested in mysteries such as UFOs

When friends in the group play parents and children. Bo-chan is a volunteer to play the dog or cat that no one wants to be. Some may think it is because he speaks little, he is slow to speak to his friends, but we think it is because Bo-chan knows what his friends want and he can take on that role without being asked.

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