Steins Gate Awesome sci-fi anime.

Steins Gate , through the crisis, conquering the time. Awesome sci-fi anime.

“That universe … There is a origin, but there is no end, no boundary, as for the star … Have different origins But there is a self-destructive energy, there is an end of history that makes us realize that The wise overflowing Is the most stupid, that is, this is the last warning from God to the rebellious. ”

Steins Gate Breaks Crisis, Conquer Time,  a famous comic book written by “Sarachi Yomi” with the story of the futuristic time travel of a young inventor and friends. From the research of inventions of the future.


“Okabe Rintaro”, also known as “Okarin”, a young student and inventor of the world. The delusional person thinks for himself that I am a scientist who is always being hunted by a mysterious organization By him and two friends, “Shina Mayuri”, a cute girl The person who has the voice of the slogan is “Tud Tudueor… ~” and “Hashida Daru Itaru” or “Daru”, the filthy hacker. They band together and open up a futuristic artifact lab. With a purpose that sounds like it “To reform the world governing structure And create artifacts that will cause chaos to this world ”, all of which come from the madness of Okarin’s investigative science story.

The story begins on the day Okarin and Mayuri go to see the invention seminar. 

Regarding “Time Machine”, Okarin met two surprising events during that time: the collision of a satellite-like object and the death of “Makise Kurisu”. A young genius who died before. She claims that the two had met before and that he had something important to tell her. The death of the young girl shocked Okarin a lot. But then after he tried to send an email to his friends via mobile phone. When you realize again He found that the world was different from what he remembered.

Okarin tried to find an explanation. For the events that he has met Until found that the whole story It is involved with a scientist called “John Titer” who is doing some experiments with “SREN” claiming proprietary all “Time Machine” tools and they are looking for a PC. The older model, “IBN 5100 ″, was a key device for this experiment.

The story of time travel from one world line to another. Its for the purpose of something that is not only related to the mysterious organization “SERN” or the scientist named “John Titer” . Also about the fate of Members of Okarin’s Future Inventions Laboratory and friends. How will the events that happen to tie the story until the end.

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