The 10th anniversary of the passing of Achito Utsui, author of Crayon Shin-chan

September 11, 2009. The world of laughter had to cry. When he heard the bad news that Akira Yoshito Utsui, who wrote the cartoon story of September 11, 2009. The world of laughter had to cry. When he heard the bad news that Akira Yoshito Utsui, who wrote the cartoon story of Crayon Shin-chan or Shin-chan. The core At the age of 51 or Shin-chan. The core At the age of 51, officials assumed that the reason was due to a crash accident while climbing Mount Arafune, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Teacher Yoshito was born on April 21, 1958 in Shizuoka Prefecture. But grew up in Kazukabe City in Saitama Prefecture Began working life in an advertising company. He entered the manga industry fully in 1987 from Darakuya Store Monogatari. Which tells a busy story in a convenience store. Published in the weekly manga magazine Manga Action.

After accumulating experiences and developing himself as a writer for 3 years. The legendary manga Crayon Shin-chan is finally born.

Yoshito created the Nohara Shin-nozuke characters in part based on life. The childhood of the character Nikaido Shinnosuke. The owner of a convenience store in Darakuya Store Monogatari, and partly from Yoshito ‘s childhood with Kasukabe City as a background. And is the birthplace of the Kazukabe Guard Unit At Shinchan and friends. In a gang like Sakuradanane, Kazama Touoru and Sato Masao, jointly formed.

Although the story of Crayon Shin-chan is nothing more than telling the daily life of a perky boy like Shin-chan. 

But with simple lines, unique characters, ‘arranged’ characters, both face and character. Combined with unexpected jokes and sad scenes that many people cry . Crayon Shin-chan has become one of the classic cartoons that he reads whenever he can smile all the time.

The Crayon Shin-chan manga version has a total of 50 volumes, while the Thai version has 33 volumes (more chapters per book) .It sold over 100 million copies worldwide from 15 countries in 15 countries.

In 1992 it was adapted into an animation version. 

And is more popular than the cartoon version It is translated into up to 30 languages ​​and broadcast in 45 countries around the world. Including 26 other versions of The Movies. During the peak period, it was ranked 24th in the animation franchise list. That earns the most in the world.

In addition to Crayon Shin-chan , Yoshito has another well-known work, a pan scrambled egg. Acartoon gag that many adults consider to be a must-have cartoon for children. Because of the brazenness that was several times upgraded from Crayon Shin-chan But if you look deeper. The pan scrambled egg is another masterpiece. That shows Yoshito’s brilliance in reflecting and sarcasticizing the society by using a funny coat of heavy content. Take it very well.

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