The Final Season of Attack on Titan

There are a few weeks left for the Titan disciples to get a glimpse of the battle between humanity and the Titans. And the fate of Eren Yeager and his gang in the final season of Attack on Titan: The Final Season will be released on Netflix .

This installment tells the story after Elaine Yeager learns the truth about his father, Grisha Jaeger, and the dynasty that holds the power of Titan. Which led to a new battle for the freedom of Elaine and the gang. Only this time will not be a confrontation with the Titans. But a group of humans on the other side of the sea

The studio that will success Wit Studio. The studio responsible for the production of the anime season 1-3 anime series. Attack on Titan , is MAPPA Studio, Japan’s premier studio. The creators of hit anime titles such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Inuyashiki, Kakegurui, etc. , are creating the final battle this time.

Netflix will air its first episode of Attack on Titan. The Final Season on December 10. Its new episodes available every Thursday. While the Japanese side will air its first episode on December 7.

Attack on Titan , a popular manga based on Hajime Izayama’s pen

The first published in 2009 by Kodansha, before being picked up as an anime series in 2013. Which was very successful. This resulted in the sales of Attack on Titan ‘s compiled manga volume at 15 million and topped the list of top 3 highest-selling manga of 2013. 

It tells the story of Eren Yeager, a boy who was born and raised in the peaceful land of Eldia. That was surrounded by a high wall of three floors to protect against attacks from Titan. A tall and large human-like creature that eats humans.

Until one day when the Titans were able to destroy the first barrier. And successfully attacked the city. Causing Eren to lose her mother And having to escape the Titans along with two close friends, Mikasa and Armin, Eren decided to join the army. To avenge the titans for their late mother.

A sample Japanese version can be viewed here.

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