THE FLASH SUPERHERO HISTORY The speed of light from the DC side

History THE FLASH SUPERHERO The speed of light from the DC side Who is he?

THE FLASH SUPERHERO is A super hero with the fastest speed among the heroes from the DC side, his maximum speed may be equivalent to the speed of light. Flash protects Central City and Keystone City from villains with super-speed power.

Flash has four people in total, the first being Jay Garrick . In Prime Earth, he’s just a comic book character Barry likes to read (but the latter really does exist. Jay is DC’s first Speedster and is also a founding member of the Justice Society of America

The second Flash is the person we’re most familiar with. Barry Allen Most Flash stories have Barry at the core of the story. The greatest hero Barry had created was He sacrificed himself to save the universe during Crisis on Infinite Earths, but Barry made a comeback during Final Crisis , while Barry’s absence Flash was replaced by Wally West.

Wally West ( Wally West ) Flash, whom he is Iris’s grandchild. (Wife Barry) Initially, Wally was a hero named Kid Flash and was also a member of the Teen Titans, but in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barry disappeared. Make him the Flash, continue the work from Barry.

The last of Flash is Bart Allen, Barry’s grandson. Who entered the superhero industry with the name Impulse with a very short habit And fiery temper Later, I began to improve my habits and train hard until becoming another Kid Flash and another Flash as well.

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