Tips for new Resident Evil 4 remake.

The Resident Evil 4 remake that Capcom recreates is quite different from the original version of the game in 2005. Both in terms of settings and systems that are different from the original. like a broken knife. Or the parasitic villagers who are even more stingy than before? Some of them seem more brutal. But some things are more comfortable. Let’s take a look at what we should know before playing. For anyone who has played the old version of Resident Evil 4. You can read it lifestyle. even if there are some things that are the same

1 Use the map to your advantage

Resident Evil 4 remake’s map is very useful. Because there is a different location, unlike the original part that does not tell anything In this new version of the map, there will be a point to collect items. treasure store, gems, merchant location and destination location Even the position of the Blue Medal is still there. It just might be hidden, you have to look for it yourself. But some things won’t tell on the map until we can collect the map that tells the location.

2 Mixed herbs, green, red, yellow, kept for use

Try to use the map and collect all red and yellow herbs. then mix it with green and keep it for emergency use Don’t worry that it will clutter up your pocket and press quickly to use. Because the tri-colored combination of herbs will restore a lot of health. and also increase the maximum life force as well Use when the blood is low, it’s more worthwhile UFABET

3 shot the crow

This is the same as the old version. Try to kill every crow you see. because you will get money or items If the crows are in a group, throw bombs at them. Definitely worth it. If you shoot one by one, you won’t be able to catch up because they will fly away.