Violet Evergarden

 Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden If anyone is a Japanese anime fan. Maybe you are familiar with the anime series Violet Evergarden? It tells the story of Violet. A young woman who acts as a professional ‘doll’ who works as a letter typist and conveys emotion. The true feelings of the sender to the person receiving the letter. This time, it has been made into The Movie, which tells the story of Violet’s mission to help Isabella to enter high society within 3 months, but Isabella.

There is a hidden secret both her past and those in her memory Violet volunteers to help her write a letter to her significant other to ease her distress. days pass A little boy came to Violet at the letter writing company with Isabela’s letter that Violet had volunteered to write. Who will this child be? What does it have to do with Isabela? Must go and see!

Movie length:  1 hour 30 minutes

Highlight of Violet Evergarden

  For those who have never watched the anime Violet. Ever Garden Before, I would like to whisper to prepare tissue paper to wipe away tears. Don’t underestimate the storytelling. Beautiful pictures. Because when they attack, tears fall unconsciously. The story in The Movie tells the story of the love of sisters who have been separated because of social issues. The two can only miss each other and wish that The other party will still be happy. Who is having someone who misses you in your heart but can’t do anything? Either that person has left you far away or your relationship is over. 

We recommend this Netflix cartoon that will teach you how. It’s painful to think about someone you can never meet. But no matter how much you miss Sometimes you have to choose to keep it in mind and do what you need to do. Turn that nostalgia into inspiration. Taking you to a better day Let the memories be beautiful in the past.