Yakitate Japan

Yakitate Japan is The famous bread champion shook the world or Yakitate !! Japan is a Japanese cartoon drawn by Takashi Hachiguchi published in Shonen Sunday magazine. By Shogakukan Publishing House It was later made into an anime by Sunrise Company.

Japanese names Yakitate !! Japan
category Shonen
Genre Comedy, cooking competition.

Comic book
author Takashi Taguchi Hashimi
publisher   Shogakukan
magazine Shonen Sunday
published 2544 – 2550
Volume 26.


   When England, France, Germany had their own bread. And what about Japan? The story of Asuma Kasuma, a boy with “Sun Hand”, the ability to quickly ferment the bread dough. Who dreams of spreading “Jepang”, a unique Japanese bread He created At the age of 16. ็e got a big chance by taking the entrance exam to become a staff member of Pantasia. and became a staff member of Pantasia Store Minami Tokyo with Kava.

Jikyosuke with Matsushiro Ken

the store manager, and the store employee Azusagawa Tsukino and his granddaughter. Of the owners of the Pantasia Group In addition to Asuma has to make his dreams come true. He and his friends must face the threat of a rival bakery, Saint Pierre. Which hopes to gobble up Pantasia’s business.

  In a rookie battle for Pantasia, Asuma defeats Kanmuri Shigeru, an employee at Azusagawa Yukino. Successfully seized the championship Kangmuri then decided to become a clerk of the Minami Tokyo branch. And tells the story of Saint Pierre’s evil plans For everyone in the store to hear. There is only one way to recover Pantasia’s position is to take Pantasia’s Monaco Cup. Comprising Asuma Kawaji and Suwabara Kai set off for Monaco. 

To get into the Monaco Cup in the first round, Kawaji was humiliated in the competition. But according to Kangmuri’s plan To call for a lot of money to bet on the Japanese team. 

 Yakitate Japan won the championship with huge stakes.

 To escape the capture of Pantasia from Saint Pierre But the owner of Saint Pierre. They also gave them their last chance , as the result the bread making competition on the TV show “Bake 25”. which is a bread making competition using local raw materials.
 If they can overcome. They will get Pantasia restaurant back Return the same Which is a bread-making competition using local ingredients.