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Tips for new Resident Evil 4 remake.

The Resident Evil 4 remake that Capcom recreates is quite different from the original version of the game in 2005. Both in terms of settings and systems that are different from the original. like a broken knife. Or the parasitic villagers who are even more stingy than before? Some of them

Update new NIKKE “Sakura”

Take an oath with NIKKE. The new girl “Sakura” in the news event ‘Cherry Blossom’ with a strong mother dragon. ‘Nihilister’ in the To Freedom feature set 2! Level Infinite has announced a sweet new event update full of cherry blossoms. That are about to bloom

The only Yuki card in the world.

Often see the news that there is an auction of rare card games often. Which often sell for millions of baht. Whether it’s a Yuki card, Pokemon card, Gemon , etc. But this time it seems to be the rarest ever. Because it is the only genuine card in the world. This

Dr. Stone closes the Stone Age lab. Officially, episode 232.

Last week we reported that. Riichiro Inagaki’s sci-fi action cartoon Dr. Stone (story) and Boichi (picture) are enter the climax of the Shonen Jump magazine’s No. 14/2022 to be sold in Japan, March 7, 2022 (Online on Mangaplus, March 6, 2022, around 10 p.m., our time). Although the news

Slam Dunk is back in the animated film version.

When it comes to Slam Dunk manga by Takehiko Inoue. No one dares to deny that. this work It’s one of the legendary manga. Even though Slam Dunk has ended almost 25 years ago. But every time anyone talks about basketball. Or even your favorite cartoons must have Slam Dunk in your

The soundtrack to the anime film Demon Slayer.

Continuing with the news of the Demon Slayer by the movie. The Demon Slayer the train battle to eternity. It is classified as a popular anime movie. That has create a popular trend both in Japan and outside of Japan. Especially with the soundtrack of this

World Trigger anime season 3.

World Trigger anime season 3.  The World Trigger 3rd Season. TV anime will premiere on October 9, 2021. The official website has released a new trailer for fans to watch. The series’ first music event was also announced. It will be called World Trigger. The Music Expo

Kyoukai Senki.

Kyoukai Senki. A new robot-themed original anime created by a collaboration between Bandai Spirits and new company Sunrise Beyond. Bandai Spirits official YouTube channel has released a preview of the first 11-minute episode. A new visual has also been revealed. The premiere is scheduled for October 4,