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Slam Dunk is back in the animated film version.

When it comes to Slam Dunk manga by Takehiko Inoue. No one dares to deny that. this work It’s one of the legendary manga. Even though Slam Dunk has ended almost 25 years ago. But every time anyone talks about basketball. Or even your favorite cartoons must have Slam Dunk in your

Kyoukai Senki.

Kyoukai Senki. A new robot-themed original anime created by a collaboration between Bandai Spirits and new company Sunrise Beyond. Bandai Spirits official YouTube channel has released a preview of the first 11-minute episode. A new visual has also been revealed. The premiere is scheduled for October 4,

Demon Slayer and Pokemon Journeys.

Demon Slayer and Pokemon Journeys

Demon Slayer and Pokemon Journeys. Another must-see anime from Netflix that is currently the hottest hit right now with the Demon Slayer, which launched its first season last year. Based on the popular comic book that has sold over 40.3 million copies worldwide. When it comes to

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild. It is an animated CG previously announced in July 2018, is from Studio Pure Imagination.  The setting of the film is set in a world where humans, nature and giant monsters coexist. Which must maintain the ecological

anime Great fun on Netflix

Anime Great fun on Netflix (2)

Dragon Ball Super: Broly Thai Title: Dragon Ball Super BrolyTime: 1 hr 40 minsGenre: Animation, Action, Adventure,Release: 2019 Anime Great fun on Netflix “Dragon Ball Super Broly” is an animated action movie from Japan. Another legendary cartoon movie that is very fun! Beautiful pictures, extremely fun fighting scenes The

The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Anime Great fun on Netflix

Anime Great fun on Netflix. Netflix has a wide variety of movies. Including animated movies. There are a lot to see As for the anime genre from Japan, it is popular. And there are many to choose from that are both fun and quality movies. Selected for us to

Tom and Jerry 2021

Tom and Jerry 2021

Tom and Jerry 2021 (Tom and Jerry: Film Edition),  Tom and Jerry 2021 a live-action comedy hurts two-dimensional hybrid animation based on the 1940s animated short film of the same name created by Han Nah and Joseph Babira, directed by Tim Story and Kevin Costello are writing



RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON tells the story that takes place in Kumandra, Southeast Asia. But it is not bordered by countries as we are used to. The different parts of the dragon are Fang , Talon , Spine , Tail , and Heart . Raya (American