Anime Great fun on Netflix (2)

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Thai Title: Dragon Ball Super Broly
Time: 1 hr 40 mins
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure,
Release: 2019

Anime Great fun on Netflix

Anime Great fun on Netflix “Dragon Ball Super Broly” is an animated action movie from Japan. Another legendary cartoon movie that is very fun! Beautiful pictures, extremely fun fighting scenes The movie has started telling since the history of the Saiyans ever.

7.Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac

Thai Title: Saint Seiya, Star God
Time: 2 Seasons
Genre: Animation, Action and Adventure,
Release: 2019 – present.

Saint Seiya: Knight of the Zodiac new version The picture is very beautiful and the soundtrack of the cartoon is still fun. For conducting concise matters And the content is not as violent as the first version in the past

8.Spirited Away 

Thai name: A magical spirit dimension
Time: 2 hrs. 5 min.
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
. Released: 2003.

The cartoons offer more than just fun. And it is a great performance until receiving an Oscar. Animation branch Both beautiful and cute pictures The content is fun to insert ideas cleverly. And the mood of the film is touching Importantly, the film uses an adventure story in a magical world that makes us have a lot of fun.

9. One Piece 

Thai Title: One Piece
Time: 24 minutes, 4 seasons
in total, Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure,
Released: 1999 – present.

10. Kakegurui 

Thai name: Crootian, Gambling School
Time: 24 minutes, 2 seasons,
Genre: Animation, Drama, Mystery,
Released: 2017 – present.

“Crootsian gambling school” about schools that do not need to study But focus on students gambling alone To take over the crotian Whoever played to win that person was the greatest. More importantly, the female characters are both beautiful and sexy.

11. Parasyte The Maxim

Thai Title: Parasite Beast
Time: 22 minutes, 22 episodes.
Genre: Animation, Action, Horror.
Released: 2014–2015.

Parasyte The Maxim is an anime movie remake based on the legendary manga. In this new version, the level of violence is much lighter and less brutal than the comic book version. In which the content is more suitable for older children Because there are both violent scenes and sex stories as well