Who goes to Japan and doesn’t go shopping? Let me tell you that it’s very hard-hearted! Because here there are many types of products that are worth buying. From electrical appliances electronic equipment to consumer products. Some brands are almost half the price in Thailand. It had to be brought back to normal. But now we suggest How to VAT refund , the price that is usually displayed on the price tag is usually plus an additional 8% VAT. Which tourists can claim a certain amount only if

          – Being a short-term tourist, i.e. not staying in Japan for more than 6 months

          – Not being a Japanese citizen

          – Not working in Japan

          – Purchasing goods that fall under the category of consumer products (food, medicine, cosmetics, equipment) Drinks, electronics, clothing, etc.) must be purchased in the same store, on the same day (same receipt is preferable), and the total value exceeds 5,000 yen, but does not exceed 500,000 yen.UFABET

 How to get a VAT refund?

          When we have purchased the product according to the criteria when it’s time to pay. Tell the staff at the cashier that you want to do a Tax Refund. The store will ask for your passport. Only the original must be submitted. Some will process the refund to tourists right on the spot. Or some will issue paperwork. Then let us do the Tax Refund at the counter of the store or another department store.

 However, the store will pack all our products in a bag for every item. Included in that bill and absolutely forbid us to open the products in the bag before leaving Japan. Therefore, if thinking about what to use in Japan must separate the product to pay. In the process of packing the product. You can tell the staff to pack it in separate bags. So that it won’t be difficult when packing luggage to go home
          And when the matter is done Keep the Tax Refund document attach to your passport. Do not lose it as it must be return to the airport staff. There will be a basket for us to put at the airport.