Lithium ion batteries.

  In modern times, whether mobile phone or any device that uses lithium ion batteries widely. Especially the mobile phone that many people always carry with them. Which, if used in the wrong way, can be dangerous as we often see in the news of battery explosions. And sometimes it can be quite fatal. So we’re going to take a look at the precautions about this matter. 

1. Don’t use cheap chargers. non-standard production

          One of the most common causes of battery explosions is Using non-original or substandard chargers, such as cheap, unbranded chargers sold at untrusted stores. These chargers may cause over-discharge or short-circuit. causing the battery to catch fire and explode Therefore, you should choose to use only genuine chargers that are manufactured according to standards.

2. Do not use low grade batteries. unreliable brand

          In addition to the charger The battery should be genuine as well. Normally, the battery replaced by the service center is genuine. But if taking a mobile phone to change the battery at a general repair shop Or buy a battery to replace it yourself. You also need to check if it’s a genuine battery or not. Because low-grade batteries that are manufactured without standards may deteriorate quickly and be dangerous in use.UFABET 

3. Do not store it in high heat.

          Whether it’s a mobile phone, Power Bank, or any device with a battery inside. Should not be placed in a place with high temperatures such as in the sun or in a car parked in the sun because very high heat can cause the battery to ignite or explode.