“PIXAR Secret Exhibition” Let’s delve into the science behind the animation.

Children’s animation studio PIXAR. Known for Toy Story and Monster Inc., has hosted an exhibition “The Science Behind PIXAR.” Uncovering the secrets of science and technology in animation. This exhibition was first held in Boston in 2015. And has exhibited in many foreign countries such as the United States, Canada and Japan. “The Secret Exhibition of PIXAR. The Science of Making Life” at the event. Visitors will get to experience the in-depth behind-the-scenes of animation creation through hands-on action. What are we going to have to try and play? Let’s go see.

Try to create a character (Modeling).

First, let’s start creating a character PIXAR. The cartoonist will sketch out the character’s image. Then pass the stick to the digital modeler to make the character into a 3D model according to the concept laid out UFABET.

Try creating movement (Rigging).

After getting the character We’ll need to build the character’s skeletal, joints, and muscles to determine the next movement.

Try designing clothes, faces, hair (Surfaces).

got the internal structure Let’s try to design the external structure such as clothes, face and hair. We can choose from the color of the clothes. old new surface of various materials, etc.

Let’s create a world of animation.

Then they try to create a world in which the characters live or their story takes place. The set designer creates the framework of the imaginary world, and the camera artist decides the composition, camera angles, and camera lens that will be filmed. that fantasy world