Slam Dunk is back in the animated film version.

When it comes to Slam Dunk manga by Takehiko Inoue. No one dares to deny that. this work It’s one of the legendary manga. Even though Slam Dunk has ended almost 25 years ago. But every time anyone talks about basketball. Or even your favorite cartoons must have Slam Dunk in your mind as the number one priority.

With a story that is fun. But when it comes to the chapter. That has to be serious can do it intensely. Especially if someone already likes basketball. Even more addicted. Unable UFABET to withdraw from being a fan of this cartoon. And it could be said that Slam Dunk is more than just a simple sports cartoon.

Slam Dunk’s story centers on a red-haired high school student named Sakuragi Hanamichi, a young man who breaks the record for 50 heartbreaks from girls in a row, even Hanamichi. I secretly fall in love with Akagi Haruko, a girl who loves basketball. She is also the younger sister of Akagi Takenori. The captain of the Bas Shohoku team. 


Hanamichi just wanted to join the basketball club because he wanted to be close to the captain’s sister, but later, Hanamichi fell in love with basketball completely. Along with awakening the talents and blessings that are referred to in this sport without knowing the meat before and finally, Hanamichi Has become a key player that the Shohoku team is indispensable in the Power Forward position.

Until today, January 7, 2021, became the day that made Slam Dunk fans dance. When Takehiko Inoue tweeted on his personal Twitter @inouetake with a Japanese message. which has the meaning in Thai that “Slam Dunk is becoming a movie”