The only Yuki card in the world.

Often see the news that there is an auction of rare card games often. Which often sell for millions of baht. Whether it’s a Yuki card, Pokemon card, Gemon , etc. But this time it seems to be the rarest ever. Because it is the only genuine card in the world. This is a special card created to give encouragement to children who are ill. Through a foundation called the Make-A-Wish Foundation. That helps make once-in-a-lifetime wishes come true. 

The owner of this Yuki card is named Tyler Gressle. He suffered from a rare form of liver cancer as a child. The charity gave him one request, with Tyler saying he actually wanted a Porsche. But he was too young to drive. So the second thing I wanted was a Yu-Gi-Oh card made in the form of Trunk (from the future), his favorite character from Dragon Ball Z. He met Kazuki Takahashi, the author of Yu-Gi-Oh, and made the card . A special card was given to him in 2005. The Tyler the Great Warrior card  was also named after him. UFABET

Now, 18 years later, Tyler Gressle has overcome the disease and has survived to this day. Originally, he had no intention of selling this card at all. Because it is his spiritual value. And put it in a glass block from the first day he received it. But now he has changed his mind because he is about to have a new future and have a family. So he wants to let go of the past. and move forward into the future. Therefore decided to sell this card. This card will be auctioned off on eBay on April 19, 2023.