Type C charging cable, how to buy?

 Type C charging cable is a cable to charge mobile phones or various electronic devices. That have one or both ends of the cable as USB Type C. With most new mobile phones currently using a Type C port. Which has the advantage?

1. Fast charging cable or normal cable

          Standardized fast charging cables can supply electricity better than normal charging cables. In the case of a charger that supports fast charging. Which the box usually says supports fast charging. Or support power 2A / 3A or more. But if anyone is not interested in the charging feature may choose to buy. As a normal charging cable because there will be a cheaper price UFABET

2. Characteristics of the connector

          Type C charging cable is generally use as a type. That has a USB Type A head on the other side for plugging into a charging head or plugging into other devices with a Type A port, but there will be a type that has a Type C head on both sides, which is suitable for use with a charger or a computer with a Type C port only, so must be selected to match the device to be used.

3. Length of wire

          Most of the charging cables, including the cables that are included when buying the device, are about 1-1.5 meters long, but if you want a longer cable, you can choose to buy from 2-3 meters or more, depending on the needs of use.