Atletico Madrid have good news after 3 players return to practice.

Atletico Madrid has good news during this international break after three previously injured football players will return to training next week.

‘Deario AS’ reported on Thursday that Diego Simeone. Atletico Madrid trainer, received good news before returning to practice in the next session on Monday the 16th. UFABET This October after injured players like Angel Correa, Pablo Barrios and Chalar Soyunsu have recovered and are ready to practice again.

Simeone has struggled since the start of this season, with seven or eight players hampered by injuries. But the Atletico team of the Argentinian trainer still performed well. Winning from playing every competition 5 games in a row. Including 4 games on the Liga stage until collecting 19 points from playing 8 games. According to 4 points behind leader Real Madrid. But played less than one game before the international break in October. 

According to reports, Simeone will have some previously injured players back after the international break. With Correa, Barrios and Soyunsu in particular returning. Practice with teammates in the next session on Monday, October 16th. While Jose Maria Jimenez will return after that with an unspecified date yet. But it will happen before the away game against Celta Vigo on the Liga stage this Saturday, October 21. 

As for Reinildo Mandava, Memphis Depay and Tomas Lemar. They are still recovering from injuries. But Reinildo, who has suffered a torn ACL since February will be returning to practice in November.