Stoichkov worried about Barcelona debt.

Hristo Stoichkov admits he is concerned about Barcelona economic problems. Because he doesn’t trust current president Joan Laporta’s football management skills.

Legendary Barcelona striker Hristo Stoichkov has express his concern over his former team’s financial situation more than the sport. Because he considers that the current president of the club. Joan Laporta is not an economic expert. As UFABET reveal to Relebo last Thursday. 

‘I am concerned about the state of Barcelona’s economy. They have a debt of around 2 billion euros and are now paying 1.2 billion euros to invest in this stadium (Camp Nou). The debt continues to increase every year.’ He said. Auchkov said.

The former Bulgaria striker also sees much of the blame lying with Laporta as he is not fully trust as the Azulgrana’s leader.

‘Some things, I believe him. And some things I don’t believe economically. We’re not in the hands of the right people in terms of football. Yes, for everything he’s done to sign players. The team is done and ready to win.’

‘But my biggest concern is the economy. How do people describe Barcelona’s economy? With a lot of debt Sometimes they explain one thing. Sometimes they explain other things. And it depends People don’t believe him. Many people don’t believe him.’