Van Dijk warns Dutch to be careful of French counter-attacks.

Netherlands defender Virgil van Dijk has warned everyone to be careful of France’s counter-attacks or quick changes in the football game.

The Orange Knights have a home game to face the French national team in the Euro 2024 qualifying round, Group B, this Friday. In the latest situation, the Dutch generals have 9 points from 4 games played, 6 points behind Atletico who have played more than 1 game UFABET

In the pre-game press conference last Thursday The captain of the Netherlands national team said that everyone in the team must be careful of counter-attacks. Especially in managing the defensive line, don’t make any mistakes.

“France have a lot of attacking speed. That is clear.” van Dijk said the Liverpool defender.

“When you don’t manage the defense well when the game changes quickly, They have the potential to attack the opposition. This is definitely one of his greatest qualities.

“In Paris (losing 0-4 on March 24), we played with four defenders. But playing with an extra defender does not mean. That it will hinder the opponent’s easy passes. More than before 

“You have to always be in control and manage transitions or counter-attacks safely. They must move away from the most dangerous positions. I hope tomorrow (Friday) we can do it.”