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Lithium ion batteries.

  In modern times, whether mobile phone or any device that uses lithium ion batteries widely. Especially the mobile phone that many people always carry with them. Which, if used in the wrong way, can be dangerous as we often see in the news of battery explosions. And sometimes it

Mobile photography techniques.

Introduction to mobile photography techniques For beginners taking photos. How to take photos to come out beautiful and look good? If you want to know, try to read IT. It cannot be denied that in today’s era. Everyone likes to use a mobile phone to take pictures due to its

How to connect smartwatch to mobile?

          To connect the smartwatch to the mobile phone. Each brand of smartwatch may have a different approach. Which usually requires an app only for connection. It doesn’t use the same connection method as headphones or other Bluetooth devices, here are outlined below.      

Type C charging cable, how to buy?

 Type C charging cable is a cable to charge mobile phones or various electronic devices. That have one or both ends of the cable as USB Type C. With most new mobile phones currently using a Type C port. Which has the advantage? 1. Fast


  Who goes to Japan and doesn’t go shopping? Let me tell you that it’s very hard-hearted! Because here there are many types of products that are worth buying. From electrical appliances electronic equipment to consumer products. Some brands are almost half the price in Thailand. It had to be brought back

Tips for new Resident Evil 4 remake.

The Resident Evil 4 remake that Capcom recreates is quite different from the original version of the game in 2005. Both in terms of settings and systems that are different from the original. like a broken knife. Or the parasitic villagers who are even more stingy than before? Some of them

Update new NIKKE “Sakura”

Take an oath with NIKKE. The new girl “Sakura” in the news event ‘Cherry Blossom’ with a strong mother dragon. ‘Nihilister’ in the To Freedom feature set 2! Level Infinite has announced a sweet new event update full of cherry blossoms. That are about to bloom

The only Yuki card in the world.

Often see the news that there is an auction of rare card games often. Which often sell for millions of baht. Whether it’s a Yuki card, Pokemon card, Gemon , etc. But this time it seems to be the rarest ever. Because it is the only genuine card in the world. This