How to connect smartwatch to mobile?

          To connect the smartwatch to the mobile phone. Each brand of smartwatch may have a different approach. Which usually requires an app only for connection. It doesn’t use the same connection method as headphones or other Bluetooth devices, here are outlined below.

          1. Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone.

          2. Open the mobile app that is used to connect to the brand’s smartwatch, such as Galaxy Watch, HUAWEI Health, Xiaomi Wear, Apple Watch, or in many smartwatch brands will use Google’s Wear OS app, but if you don’t have the app yet Download it from the Store to install it first UFABET

          3. Follow the steps given in the app. It may also be necessary to press a button or a command on the smartwatch screen to enable pairing mode first.

          4. Press to select the name that you want to connect on the mobile screen.

          However, some smartwatch models, some brands, may not be able to connect or work with certain brands of mobile phones. Or it may be available but not supported in some features. Especially in the case of cross-operating systems. Such as bringing an Apple Watch to an Android mobile phone, etc. Therefore, you should check the specification or ask the seller before deciding to buy it.